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Sunseed Tanzania Trust is a small Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that works in Tanzania on appropriate technology projects.They works with people in arid lands to improve the quality of their lives and environment and the productivity of their land.

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Tomi plants a tree

Simon and Shaun making Cobb

Ram Pump 2008 12

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Earth Report 2003

Love Pools 1996

Sunseeed 1989 HDRA

Sunseed 1989 Warwich Uni

Sunseed 1989 Gardens Irrigating

Sunseed 1996 Adobe

BBC Gardeners Question Time - December 2003


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This is a website dedicated to linking volunteers and small scale projects working in the environmental and social sector.

Expertise and Consulting in Solar Energy and Solar Cooking:
- Technology, R&D
- Development projects
- Promotion
- Education

Asesoria y Consultoria en Energia y Cocina Solar:
- Tecnologia
- Cooperación para el desarrollo
- Promoción
- Educación


Would you like to travel to or from Sunseed or other places overland and reduce your contribution to climate change? (Volunteers travelling overland receive a reduction in rates at Sunseed.)



Follow this link to our Overland Travel page, which has links to websites which will help you plan your journey:

Overland Travel Links


Permaculture Magazine (UK)


Acre Resources
A recruitment company specialising in the environmental sector. A strong focus on jobs in EMS, CSR, sustainable development and ethics.

This is a website for jobs and volunteering opportunities in the environmental sector.

Global portal for environmental jobs and resumes.

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